36 days of gig posters

Following on from the ’36 days of type’ prompt I took part in a few years ago (on my Instagram if you’re interested), I wanted to incorporate more imagery with the type/lettering so thought why not combine them into my favourite thing ever… a gig poster!

This was a super fun project that (at the start) I set the target to do one daily. Turns out its way more tricky to get an idea, band name and image thought up each day while continuing to work. Lunchtimes became pretty full on! I used some drawings I had already worked up for some but others were done from scratch.

I think it was around the letter M or O that more time was being spent on them so I had to pause the run at R as I had ideas (band names) that I wanted to explore properly with a bit more time.

I had an idea of the style and music each (imaginary) band would play and hopefully each poster has its own vibe to match the terrible names I came up with.

I’ve got a list of song titles and band names that I add to whenever I think of or hear something stupid. It was great to check back at that each day and see what inspired a poster.

If I’m honest, I’d totally check out these bands. But as they say, you design what you want to see so I suppose I’m not the most objective!

Still, it was a fun exercise and I learned a lot looking back through. I think there’s a definite difference between the ones that were done quickly at the start compared to the ones done with a bit more time towards the end.

*Fun Fact* I drew the devil out 3 times in different poses for this poster. I think it’s the design that I spent the most time on.

Some of the designs have been updated from their original Instagram post -whether it was just re-doing the type or tweaking the layout. A few of the earlier pieces needed to be revisited with a bit more time to make them work better as a poster. If you’re interested in any of the designs as a print, drop me a message on the contact page. Thanks for reading.