A reminder…

Not every idea is a good one – we all know that. It should also be said that not every idea needs to be worked up. Maybe it could be said in different lingo for the appropriate career, but the sentiment is the same. Its something that (I think) I’ve always known but recently its become a phrase that I keep having to tell myself. One, so I don’t waste time working on daft ideas and two, to remind myself that its all right to move on when something isn’t working. I tend to get super focused on an idea at the start and just sketch and sketch until I’ve fully worked it up to a stage where I can start the final piece. I get so focused on it that I forget to eat, drink and talk and need to get to a point with it that I’m ‘happy’ to stop and know that when I come back to it, my brain will be able to understand how I left it and be able to carry on in that exact frame of mind. It. Never. Happens though.

To be honest, thats kinda the great thing about it – although try telling me that when I’ve just started on an idea! The fact that just having a break from something that you’re soooo convinced is a great idea. To then come back to it after a few minutes or on a different day and that helps highlight all the things that aren’t working or can make you realise the idea isn’t so great after all, and in fact someone has actually already drawn a grumpy cat is part and parcel of the job itself. I’m guessing this happens for everyone else as well, right?

It should also be said that not every good idea needs to be worked up. Not necessarily by you or me that is. There are loads of artists in the world and a load of ideas that each of those artists have but not all ideas ‘fit’ with the artists that are having them. Don’t get me wrong, I love artists having different styles and experimenting, I mean more like when you see artists leaping on bandwagons of current trends. Like, you don’t NEED to do that as there is already someone else doing it, and doing it better than you. So just because you’ve had that idea (and it probably comes form seeing similar stuff plastered all over the internet) doesn’t mean you have to go with it. 

There isn’t a point to this post, so if you’re looking for something to take away from it, you’re out of luck. Who am I kidding – no one reads these posts anyway so I can say what I want with no actual plan or point to them!

Laters, internet.