Inktober is over for another year and I royally suck at taking part in it. I will at some point (probably like, February!) but I’d prefer to think of it as ‘Blinktober’ instead as that ties nicely into this post, even though its now November… Oh well – read on and just pretend I’m not a day late.

I created this poster design a while ago hoping to be able to offer it to the band as one of their tour date posters. They didn’t go for it unfortunately and in a weird/lucky kinda way, this was one of the original files I lost when my computer went doolally (see 1st post below). Literally the day before the computer crashed I opened this file and played around with some of the colours and saved a flat version of it for no real reason… Turns out it was a good thing to do or a bad thing (as it serves as a reminder of work that was lost) – depends on how you look at it – I’m going with the former.

Incase you didn’t know (and why would you as this is internet land where no one actually knows anyone) but I LOVE Blink 182 and have been wanting to do something officially for them since I first heard Dude Ranch. I had the pose idea ages ago and started working on it between jobs – adding doodles and lyrics to the skateboard and sketching images of stuff that represented the songs to me. Not really with a clear idea or path, just kinda working on it to see where it ended up.

I always liked the colours in the board and the girl and the background changed MULTIPLE times from flat colour to a beach to a street to every colour you can think of. I’d originally settled on a flat bright green for the background colour but changed it to pink the day before I lost the file. Adding all the detail to the skateboard was fun (I’m speaking about it in past tense now because the original file is no more ;D) as it was made up of imagery from all their albums. I updated it when Matt Skiba joined the band with more obvious ‘California’ stuff which was interesting as the album had just come out so there was no real imagery at that time for any of the songs.

I thought I’d post it here anyway as it seemed a bit of a waste for it to never see the light of day -even though it can’t be used for anything anymore! And although I worked on it as a bit of hobby (over a lonnnngg period of time), it got me thinking about how much I love doing gig posters and would love to get back into doing it more. SO, if you’re reading this and you’re in a band and would like some artwork doing – get in touch and we could make beautiful music together!

Well, you can make the beautiful music. I can draw you a picture.