…for the delay in posting! I didn’t mean to leave it this long but since the site relaunched I’ve had a load of work on and you know how it is, when you’re super busy with stuff, the last thing you think of to do is to sit down and write a blog post about it. Well, for me anyway but I suppose I should change that… Anyway- I’ve been working on a load of fun stuff recently. Some big, some small(ish), some branding, some rebranding and I’m soon starting a mural which I’ll hopefully have done in the next couple of weeks and have some photos to show you. Its also that time of year on the Island where local businesses start gearing up for TT and (as I type) I’m working on this years Manx Cider Co t-shirt. I’ve got some new designs planned for them as well as some other cool stuff so be sure to check them out during TT week if you are over.

Thinking about it now, thats about all I can say (work wise) as I can’t share any of the work just yet. The photo above is a shot of my desk though, so if you’re really interested (or creepy) you could zoom in to that to see some of the designs for the mural along with some other working drawings. Right, that was short and sweet wasn’t it? I’m off to continue working on TT 2017 stuff whilst simultaneously not getting excited (just yet) for TT 2017 and to figure out how I’m going to paint a mural in less than 2 weeks…!