Going, going… Oh, everything’s gone

When I first decided I wanted to update the site I thought I’d only have recent work on it -stuff I’d created in the last 2 years or so anyway. Then, as work continued and I moved away from the site re-design I kept thinking that maybe I should go back further and include jobs that I loved but weren’t necessarily relevant. I then changed my mind back to only have stuff I’d produced in the last 2 to 4 years but then I changed my mind to include some earlier stuff that I still liked. However, fate then stepped in and I lost pretty much all my digital work and original art scans from the past 5+ years when I (stupidly) updated my OS without removing my external memory drive and it got wiped.

Above is just a small selection (from my social media accounts) of things that got erased. I’d settled on what was going to go on the new site before the ’Sierra incident’ as its now referred to happened so fear not there. I think its just the knowing that you don’t have the files/scans etc stored somewhere anymore. But, never mind. Think positive, move forward and don’t look back. I chose to look at it as a sign that the new site should be for new work and not for older stuff that I was hanging on to.

Stop livin’ in the past, man!