Hello new site – what’s new!?

Hello everyone and welcome back to the brand new adamberry.net -what do you think?

Following on from some feedback I realised the site needed a bit of an update. it’s a little more streamlined than before and now works a lot better on mobiles and tablets. 

The portfolio pages have been simplified and cleaned up with a load of older work being cut. The shop is a lot clearer and easier to use (hopefully)! We’ve added prices to the gallery page so you don’t necessarily have to click through on a piece to find out the  cost. The layout has been simplified to work better on mobiles and the checkout page and email confirmation has all been updated as well.

Theres also an updated newsletter that you can subscribe to (at the bottom of the page) that will keep you up to date with anything going on and any discount codes or offers that happen throughout the year.

The blog hasn’t really changed – apart from my view of it. I used to think that I should only use it to announce ‘big’ work things happening but as I’ve said before, thats the last thing I think of when something fun is happening. You don’t stop your work flow to write a blog post about how well your work flow is going, do you? So, I ummed and ahhed on it for a while and then thought, why? Why am I thinking so hard about this? Its my blog so why not write about the thoughts I’m having day to day, week to week, hour to hour even! Nobody reads this anyway so theres no need to filter it to make it sound more interesting or cooler than it is.

It should also make the blog posts happen more frequently which might be a good or a bad thing, who knows?

Thats pretty much everything I think – some small changes that will hopefully make a big difference to how you enjoy the site.
Let me know your thoughts and if you think we’ve missed anything, comment below or drop me an email.