I’m not dead

I’ve just been busy and unfortunately let my (lets face it) almost prolific blog posting slip. As an apology to the tens of people* who read these posts, I have added some new work to the site!

I don’t know why its taken me so long to add them! Actually, I do – its because it feels a bit odd once you’ve finished a job to then immediately post about it. It does for me anyway because you’ve kind of got tired of seeing it each day so once its finished its more like, “Yeah, lets start something new” rather than “lets photograph, re-size, crop and write about this”. And of course sometimes you have to wait for it to be public or for the client to give the ok to post about something (which was the case with these new posts). So there you go – I’m not dead, new work has been added and new work is coming. Its almost a Christmas miracle!

*huge exaggeration