Born on the Sabbath day

This was a kind of re-imagining of the illustration below that I did one TT week for my Facebook page years ago. I wanted to update it and to add more to the whole piece but keep the fun attitude from the original sketch as to me, thats what Mad Sunday is all about.

In most of my TT pieces I’ll take the sponsors logos from the riders leathers and fairing and re-draw them to fit the vantage points from around the TT course. With this piece though, as there is no actual racer I thought I could have a bit of fun reinterpreting some of the famous spots on the course. I still wanted the majority of them to be rooted within motorcycles and to have a kind of ‘classic’ look to them rather than all be completely made up so I did my take on a few vintage motorcycle logos.

Looking back there are some fantastic logo designs for bikes. Beautiful lettering and some great ideas brilliantly executed without a vector in sight! Thats not to say bike logos these days are rubbish, but I wanted to steer clear of the instantly recognisable logos of Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Kawasaki and the like. I wanted more cult, niche kind of bike logos -more of a ‘if you know, you know’ kind of thing as the others would stand out to much as obviously being a bike logo take.

Most of the vantage points throughout this piece are takes of motorcycle logos (in one way or another) so I won’t bore you going through all of them but I picked out a few below to illustrate (pun intended) what I’m talking about.

In all honesty (even though I’ve owned a motorbike encyclopedia for 20 odd years) I’d never heard of Condor. I doubt they’d still use the same logo today but just look how great it is. I mean, c’mon, I had to do something with that. Matchless are classic and had to be in there as it was the first machine to ever win a TT and that ‘Winged-M’ logo is known worldwide. As it’s so iconic I thought it’d lend itself to the world famous ‘Waterworks’ vantage point.

I was going for a collage look (obviously) so I wanted each illustration to have a different style/feel to it. You know, like someone in a moment of madness had cut up their old bike magazines and comics that they’d collected through the years and then stuck them to their wall …man, that’d be annoying wouldn’t it?

I also love to add a bit of lettering to each piece (incase you hadn’t noticed) so the whole collage/different style theme was great fun to incorporate my love of logos, letters, fonts and motorbikes.