A Thousand Years In Man Book Cover

Book cover design for ‘A Thousand Years In Man’ -a new book about the Isle of Man from a Norwegian perspective. You can find out more about this book from the Culture Vannin site here

Women of Mann

Logo design for the group, Women of Mann. A grassroots collective of feminists advocating for positive social change on the Isle of Man. You can find out more about them here.


Logo design for Jeebin, the Manx Language Network. Set up to promote the Manx language, it aims to broaden the appeal, understanding and use of Manx. It works together with government, voluntary organisations and the Manx speaking community, including the Bunscoill Gaelgagh (the Manx primary school) and its nursery partner Mooinjer Veggey.

The Engine

Logo design for The Engine and The Engine House, an office hub located next to the railway lines in Castletown. You can find out more about them here.

Thirsty Pigeon

Logo design for the Thirsty Pigeon bar in Douglas, Isle of Man.

The Green Machine

Logo and branding for vegan bakery, The Green Machine. Owner & baker; Maria, wanted the logo to be fun but also put across that the company was more specialist. Using the main ‘substitute’ ingredients in the machines caterpillar tracks hopefully suggests this is not your typical bakery.  

Betty Pie Co.

Logos for Betty Pie Co. Along with the Manx Cider Company, Betty Pie Co is a family business based in Peel. Betty is actually a modified, bright green Silverlight caravan that serves freshly cooked food using locally produced Manx ingredients. Their main focus are pies, but they produce food for all sorts of occasions. Owner […]

Manx Cider Co.

Manx Cider Co. is a family run business based in Peel in the west of the Isle of Man. Specialising in proper cider, not the “commercial fizzy garbage” they wanted their brand to reflect this as well as giving a slight nod to classic motorcycle stylings.  Keeping the brand fun was a goal from the start […]