Ellan Vannin Print Set

Set of 4 prints from my Jigsaw2 exhibition based on the lyrics to the traditional Manx song, Ellan Vannin.


Following on from my first Jigsaw exhibition in 2015, I continued the theme of places and views of the Isle of Man for these new pieces of work.

Jinny The Witch

Various illustrations inspired by ‘Jinny the Witch’ from Hop-tu-Naa folklore. Including multiple prints and some of my Inktober pieces that featured Jinny as the main theme. The ‘Mish yn oie‘ from her jacket is ‘I am the night’ in Manx and is a play on the origins of Hop-tu-Naa, a Celtic festival celebrated here on […]

The Goonies

I was lucky enough to work with the Isle of Man Film Festival on their ‘Movie Under The Milky Way’ event. They screened the family classic ‘The Goonies’ at the amphitheatre up on Douglas Head as the opening for the 2015 festival.  As well as creating a limited edition print, I produced a teaser illustration and […]

Jigsaw Prints

My Jigsaw exhibition was split into 2 halves. One side was all hand drawn pen & ink pieces and on the other side were hand drawn digital pieces. These were special, limited edition A2 prints available exclusively at the show. There were only 8 of each design printed to the original specification.

Me ‘Arties

Yo, ho, ho and a carefully placed bottle of masking fluid… 23.7 x 23.7cm