Jinny The Witch

Various illustrations inspired by ‘Jinny the Witch’ from Hop-tu-Naa folklore.

Including multiple prints and some of my Inktober pieces that featured Jinny as the main theme.

The ‘Mish yn oie‘ from her jacket is ‘I am the night’ in Manx and is a play on the origins of Hop-tu-Naa, a Celtic festival celebrated here on the Isle of Man on the 31st of October. It predates Halloween, and is the celebration of the original New Year’s Eve. Some say that Hop-tu-Naa comes from the Manx Gaelic Shoh ta’n Oie, meaning ‘This is the night’.

I recently did a quick Q+A with the Isle of Man Arts Council about (my) version of Jinny that you can check out here if you’re interested.