Jinny: I Am The Night

Following on from my first Jinny the Witch print (done back in 2014), I thought I’d update her slightly to show what she could be like today.

I’ve included my initial page of roughs below as this version of Jinny is based on the story of Joney Lowney who was accused of being a witch in a trial in 1716.

The ‘Mish yn oie‘ on her jacket is ‘I am the night’ in Manx and is a play on the origins of Hop-tu-Naa itself.

Incase you didn’t know, Hop-tu-Naa is a Celtic festival celebrated on the Isle of Man on the 31st of October. It predates Halloween, and is the celebration of the original New Year’s Eve. Some say that Hop-tu-Naa comes from the Manx Gaelic Shoh ta’n Oie, meaning ‘This is the night’. So, changing it to ‘I am the night’ ties it in with the classic, wicked witch vibe associated with Hop-tu-Naa and Halloween fancy dress.

The other designs on her jacket are based on the traditional Manx song ‘Jinny the Witch’ that children sing on Hop-Tu-Naa. Altogether now! 🎶 Jinny the Witch flew over the house, to fetch a stick to lather the mouse! 🎶


Pen & Photoshop