Wild Hearts

The new version of this piece has been about a year in the making and I’ve re-drawn it more times than I care to remember. I always liked the original pen and ink graphic below but I never thought it fully conveyed what I was feeling and I suppose trying to put across with the image.

I wanted the piece to be sassy, cool and have attitude, but on the whole be a strong stand alone image. Something that, at a glance you might assume you know whats happening but if you looked closer and thought about it, maybe led you in a different direction as to what was happening and why. I felt adding a background provided more of a story (back & future), and there are little details that make the story make more sense to me but will hopefully not detract from the overall image. 

Not that I wanted to spell out exactly what I was thinking. I’m sure other artists will agree that its always awesome when someone describes what they see in one of their pictures. Or how an image makes them feel even though the artist themselves hadn’t even considered it that way. It’s amazing! And I suppose, is literally the point of art -to make people feel. But, thats a blog topic for another time.

I’m kind of obsessed with Bonnie and Clyde and the classic gangster, moll and mob lifestyle  -I see that whole world romantically. I know it was far from it but you can blame watching the above mentioned and films like The Untouchables at a young age along with reading a lot of comics in my formative years for that one.

Originally this piece was titled ‘With Love & Kisses’ -which is where this piece originated from. I kind of wanted this newer version to work without any text but the further I got with it the more I felt it needed something to tie it together. I’ve had ‘Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken’ written down in one of my notepads for years and spotted it just after finishing the re-draw of her face and thought the two fitted perfectly. Especially in the letterpress style lettering which are actually scans from old newspapers, posters and playbills from the classic gangster era -fun fact, eh?